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Circuit Rider program through the Connecting to New York's Collections

Over 50 organizations have requested a 

Circuit Rider site visit - 

Have you requested yours yet?


Sign Up for a Face-to-Face Assessment of Your Site!  The Circuit Rider program is currently being offered through the Connecting to New York's Collections administered by Greater Hudson Heritage Network (GHHN), which is funded through a generous 'Connecting to Collections' Implementation Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Fall of 2014.


What is a Circuit Rider?  Historically, the term referred to the clergy in the earliest years of the United States who were assigned to travel around specific geographic territories to minister to settlers and organize congregations. Our "Circuit Riders" are a team of statewide independent trained professionals in the field of collection management and conservation who will come to you! 


How does the CR program benefit my Institution?

The Circuit Rider program is tailored to meet the needs of individual sites and offers an opportunity for site staff and board members to meet personally with the Circuit Rider in an informal, supportive, and consultative setting. Circuit Riders help small collecting institutions develop preliminary strategies for improving collections care by identifying and prioritizing actions you can practicably take to implement improvements. The program will also help provide templates and identify resources you can use to draft basic collections policies, forms, and procedures for adoption and implementation. Information obtained from the Circuit Rider visit may be used as support materials for the American Association of Museum's Collections Stewardship Assessment Program (CSMAP), GHHN's Conservation Treatment Grant,  the Heritage Preservation's Conservation Assessment Program (CAP), and the Museum Assessment Program (CAP). 


How does it work?  Contact GHHN to request a site visit. The Circuit Rider will come to your organization for a half-day site visit focusing on a topic that is determined in advance. The site visits are available to historic house museums, historic sites, historical societies, libraries, and archives - any site that has collections. Circuit Riders will discuss various areas of stewardship with you, help identify your specific collections issues, suggest and prioritize basic steps to improve care of your collections, review your existing documents and forms, provide you with templates, and suggest site-specific resources. You can request multiple site visits as long as each visit is on a different collection issue. Best of all, the program is completely FREE to participants until October 2014.



Sign up today -- It's FREE!


or contact us at 914.592.6726 or at

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Capital Region Creative Economy: Creative Freelancer Survey

Capital Region Creative Economy
Creative Freelancer Survey
Creative Freelancer Survey - We need your input!
The Capital Region Creative Economy Project needs information about the creative jobs in our region.  If you:
  • are a freelancer in design, media, visual arts, performing arts, visual arts, and/or crafts, please complete this survey by June 1st.
  • know a freelancer in design, media, visual arts, performing arts, visual arts, and/or crafts please forward this email to him/her today.
More about the survey here. Surveys must be completed by June 1, 2014.
Looking for FREELANCERS working in:
  • Graphic Arts/Graphic Design Services
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Industrial Design Services
  • Printing
  • Other Specialized Design (e.g., Adirondack Studios)
  • Motion Picture and Video Industries
  • Sound Recording Industries
  • Radio and Television Broadcasting
  • Internet Publishing and Broadcasting
  • News Syndicates
  • Newspaper
  • Advertising
  • Book Stores
  • Publishers
  • Public Relations Agencies and Media Representatives
  • Agents and Managers for Artist/Entertainers, etc.
  • Gaming (e.g., Vicarious Visions*)
  • Independent Writers
 Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts Companies
  • Promoters of Performing Arts and Sports
  • Agents/Managers for Public Figures
  • Music and Dance Schools
  • Musical Instrument Manufacturing and Supplies Stores
  • Self-employed Actors, Dancers, Directors, Musicians
 Visual Arts and Hand-Crafted Products (Makers-Economy)
  • Photography
  • Sculpting
  • Painting
  • Jewelry
  • Pottery
  • Textiles
  • Pressed and Blown Glass
  • Art Dealers
  • Galleries
  • Craft Making (e.g., Etsy items, Sewing, Needlework, etc.)
  • Craft Stores*

Visit for updates and more information on the people and processes behind the Capital Region Creative Economy Initiative.

Know someone who should be on our email list? Click here and enter his/her information to be added to our email list! Recipient will have to verify email address and interest.
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Regional Alliance for a Creative Economy

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Upcoming Events & Webinars

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Medicaid Compliance...(But Were Afraid to Ask) 
A special four-part NYCON "Lunch & Learn" Webinar Series brought to you by the Experts; FREE for NYCON Members. Non-Member Nonprofits are $75 per session or $275 for series. 
If you would like to attend all four,please choose "Series" Ticket type.You will be automatically registered for each session through June. All webinars are from 11am to 12:30pm.

Medicaid Compliance... Medicaid Compliance Plans ... Medicaid Self Auditing...Medicaid Self-Disclosures... Medicaid Audits ... Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse...Office of the Medicaid Inspector General ... OMIG...If these words and phrases are part of a typical day at your nonprofit, we have designed the perfect series of webinars for you. Participants will hear directly from experts in the field (including David Ross, former Acting Medicaid Inspector General for the State of New York, and David Rottkamp, CPA and leader of Grassi & Co.'s not-for-profit practice area) and get the practical information they need to provide appropriate oversight and management of Medicaid-funded programs, understand the role of the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General, and much more.
Next Webinar: Know Thy Compliant Self: How to Conduct a Medicaid Self Audit
May 15th, 2014 11:00am to 12:30PM
Presented by David R. Ross, Esq, and David M. Rottkamp, CPA
Part of any provider's compliance program is their compliance plan, and the key part of any compliance plan is the concept of risk assessment and self auditing. This means identifying where errors are most likely to be made, and then reviewing your Medicaid claims and documentation for compliance with applicable requirements. Hypotheticals for risk assessment and self audit will be discussed. As participants will hear, self auditing can be the best preventative medicine. A question and answer period will be provided.

Complying with the Nonprofit Revitalization Act: 
Practical Webinars for New York Nonprofits
Presented by David Watson, Esq, Sr. VP of Legal Accountability Services, NYCON and Michael West, Esq., Legal Advisor, NYCON May 20th and June 26th, 2014
Webinars are held from 11:00 am to 12:30pm

New York State MapThe Nonprofit Revitalization Act is a landmark change in the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York and will usher in a modern era for the operation and governance of nonprofit corporations starting July 1, 2014. As always, here at the New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc. (NYCON) your one-stop tool box and soap box we eagerly anticipated the updated statutes and have prepared a practical webinar series to address your immediate needs in the updating of your bylaws and governance materials. We encourage all of our Members to take advantage of these webinars.
Part 1: New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act Part- Steps To Compliance - An Overview A comprehensive overview of the Act to take place with a plenary Q/A portion to be held in February, April & June. This offering will provide you with an overview and a practical set of actions to take to amend your bylaws to meet the new standards of the Act

Part 2:  New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act: Implementing Your 
Compliance Checklist - Whistleblower, Conflict of Interest, Committees & Executive Compensation
These webinars will be held In March and May will be a more detailed and focused on the various topics included in the Act that are new and have implications on Board governance in general and your operations specifically. Click here to register. Dates: May 20th  

Cost: FREE & Open Only to current NYCON Nonprofit Members.
All webinars are from 11:00am to 12:30pm.

Membership Benefits: Get to Know Us! [Webinar]
May 30, 2014 2:00 pm
In our "Get to Know Us" Sessions, NYCON staff will tell you a lot more about our membership benefits - and answer all the questions you have regarding our process, costs and what you get for FREE.
We will be talking about these benefits...
  • Nonprofit Training, Education and Professional Assistance NYCON empowers our members with the best practices, policies, and procedures as well as information on ever-changing regulations, funding, accountability and more.
  • Cost Savings Solutions for Nonprofits NYCON leverages the purchasing power of thousands of nonprofits to bring you economies of scale on everything from Office Supplies to Fundraising Software.
  • The Nonprofit Voice in New York State NYCON represents our members on the local, state and national level, giving voice to small and medium sized nonprofits everywhere.

Upcoming Event Listing

Fundraising Breakfast Roundtables For Mid-Hudson Valley Nonprofits 

Part III: May 22nd, 2014   8:00am to 9:30am
Creating A "Planned Giving Culture" at Your Nonprofit  

NYCON is pleased to bring a series of three exciting, interactive discussions on fundraising to Mid-Hudson Valley nonprofits this spring. NYCON staff expert Audrey Grifel, with 25+ years of practical experience working with nonprofits on fundraising and donor management, will be facilitating these exciting discussions with our special guest speaker, philanthropist Nick Preddice. Mr. Preddice will give you a rare glimpse into the world of a major donor - sharing his expertise and advice

Other Upcoming Webinars & Events from NYCON Partners.... 

Southern Tier Capacity Building Mini-Grant and Assessment Programs: